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1. He looked around and caught a man _______ his hand into the pocket of a passenger.

A. put                    B. to be putting    C. to put                 D. putting

2. When you’re learning to drive, _______ a good teacher makes a big difference.

A. have                 B. having              C. and have          D. and having

3. Anyone _______ bags, boxes, or whatever, was stopped by the police.

A. seen carry       B. seen carrying  C. saw to carry     D. saw carrying

4. “Mum, why do you always make me eat an egg every day?” “ _______ enough protein and nutrition as you are growing up. ”

A. Get                    B. Getting              C. To get                D. to be getting

5. _______ on time, this medicine will be quite effective.

A. Taking              B. Being taken     C. Taken               D. Having taken

6. —Excuse me sir, where is Room 301?

—Just a minute. I’ll have Bob _______ you to your room.

A. show                B. shows               C. to show             D. showing

7. When asked why he went there, he said he was sent there _______ for a space flight.

A. training            B. being trained   C. to have trained   D. to be trained

8. —It’s a long time since I saw my sister.

—_______ her this weekend?

A. Why not visit                                  B. Why not to visit

C. Why not visiting                            D. Why don’t visit

9. —The last one _______ pays the meal.


A. arrived              B. arrives               C. to arrive            D. arriving

10. The children talked so loudly at dinner table that I had to struggle _______.

A. to be heard      B. to have heard  C. hearing             D. being heard

11. — Robert is indeed a wise man.

— Oh, yes. How often I have regretted _______ his advice!

A. to take              B. taking                C. not to take        D. not taking

12. —Come on, please give me some ideas about the project.

—Sorry. With so much work _______ my mind, I almost break down.

A. filled                 B. filling                 C. to fill                  D. being filled

13. As the light turned green, I stood for a moment, not ______, and asked myself what I was going to do.

A. moved              B. moving             C. to move             D. being moved

14. — Can I smoke here?

— Sorry. We don’t allow _______ here.

A. people smoking                             B. people smoke

C. to smoke          D. smoking

15. I smell something _______ in the kitchen. Can I call you back in a minute?

A. burning            B. burnt                 C. being burnt      D. to be burnt

16. At the beginning of class, the noise of desks _______ could be heard outside the classroom.

A. opened and closed                       B. to be opened and closed

C. being opened and closed           D. to open and close

17. The country has already sent up three unmanned spacecraft, the most recent _______ at the end of last March.

A. has been launched                      B. having been launched

C. being launched                             D. to be launched

18. As a result of the serious flood, two-thirds of the buildings in the area _______.

A. need repairing                               B. needs to repair

C. needs repairing                             D. need to repair

19. _______ that she didn’t do a good job, I don’t think I am abler than her.

A. To have said   B. Having said     C. To say               D. Saying

20. Peter received a letter just now _______ his grandma would come to see him soon.

A. said                  B. says                  C. saying               D. to say

21. The glass doors have taken the place of the wooden ones at the entrance, _______ in the natural light during the day.

A. to let                 B. letting                C. let                      D. having let

21. My parents have always made me _______ about myself, even when I was twelve.

A. feeling well     B. feeling good    C. feel well            D. feel good

23. He is very popular among his students as he always tries to make them _______ in his lectures.

A. interested        B. interesting        C. interest             D. to interest

24. — Did Peter fix the computer himself?

— He _______, because he doesn’t know much about computers.

A. has it fixed      B. had fixed it       C. had it fixed       D. fixed it

25. Jenny hopes that Mr. Smith will suggest a good way to have her written English _______ in a short period.

A. improved         B. improving         C. to improve        D. improve

26. “Things _______ never come again!” I couldn’t help talking to myself.

A. lost                    B. losing                C. to lost                D. have lost

27. Please remain _______ until the plane has come to a complete stop.

A. to seat              B. to be seated     C. seating             D. seated

28. The flowers his friend gave him will die unless _______ every day.

A. watered            B. watering           B. water                 D. to water

29. _______ by a greater demand of vegetables, farmers have built more green houses.

A. Driven              B. Being driven    C. To drive            D. Having driven

30. The children went home from the grammar school, their lessons _______ for the day.

A. finishing          B. finished            C. had finished    D. were finished



1. D。catch sb doing sth 意为“碰上某人在做某事”“逮住某做某事”。

2. B。这是一个含when 引导时间状语从句的主从复合句,having a good teacher 在主句中用作主语。

3. B。anyone seen carrying bags…为 anyone who was seen carrying bags 之略,其中过去分词短语 seen carrying bags … 用作定语修饰代词 anyone。另外,句中的 who was seen carrying bags 为 see sb doing sth 这一结构的被动式。

4. C。to get enough protein and nutrition在此为目的状语。

5. C。this medicine 与动词take 为被动关系,故用过去分词。

6. A。此题考查“have+宾语+动词原形”结构。该结构的意思是“叫某人做某事”,其中的have为使役动词。

7. D。由于“他”与“训练”之间为被动关系,故可排除A和C。另外,由于被训练进行航空飞行是他被派往那儿的目的,所以宜用不定式,故选D。

8. A。Why not…用于提出建议时,其后只接动词原形,不接不定式或现在分词,故选A。注意不能选D,但是若D改为Why don’t you visit也可以选。

9. C。在the first, the second, the third, …, the last等结构后习惯上要接不定式作定语,又如:I’d be the first to admit I might be wrong. 我愿第一个承认我可能错了。You are the second to make that mistake. 你是第二个犯这错误的人。

10. A。根据句意,此处指的是“被听见”,故要用被动式,因此可排除B和C。另外,由于“设法被听见”为目的状语,所以要用不定式表示,故选A。

11. D。表示对所发生的情况表示遗憾或后悔,动词regret后习惯上要用动名词,不用不定式,因此可排除A和C。再根据句意,此处的动名词应用否定式,故选D不选B。

12. B。在“with+宾语+非谓语动词”结构中,非谓语动词可以是不定式、现在分词、过去分词等,但在用法上有区别:用不定式表示动作尚未发生,接现在分词表示动作正在进行,接过去分词则表示含有被动关系。根据句意,显然只有C最合适。

13. B。由于与句子主语I之间为主动关系,且表示当时持续了一会儿,故用现在分词。句意为:当信号灯变绿时,我站在那儿一会儿没动,心想自己该怎么办。

14. D。动词allow后接动词作宾语时,习惯上只能是动名词,不能是不定式; 但若其后接有sb,则sb后要接不定式,不接动名词。也就是说它的两个常用句型是:allow doing sth和allow sb to do sth。

15. A。表示某动作正在进行,英语用现在分词。smell something burning in the kitchen的意思是“闻到厨房里有东西在燃烧”。

16. C。由于是用于介词of后作宾语,所以要用动名词,不用不定式或过去分词,故选C。另外,由于desks与open和close的关系是被动关系,故要用动名词的被动式being opened and closed。

17. C。由于动作于去年的三月底就已经发生,所以不能选表示未来动作的不定式,即不能选D; 又由于句子用了具体的过去时间状语(at the end of last March),故不能选完成式,即不能选A和B。

18. A。two-thirds of…作主语时,其后谓语应用复数,故可排除选项B和C。另外,由于动词need后接动名词时是用主动表被动,而接不定式时则用被动式表示被动,故此题答案应选A,不能选D。但是,若将D改为need to be repaired则也可以选。

19. B。表示已经发生的情况,要用现在分词的完成式。句意为:虽然我曾说过她的工作没做好,但我想我的能力也不比她强。

20. C。此处用现在分词表伴随,又如:A card came yesterday saying Sue will arrive tomorrow. 昨天收到的明信片上说,休明天到。Alan received a telegram saying his father was ill. 埃伦收到一封电报,说是他父亲生病了。

21. B。此处用现在分词表示结果。又如:It rained heavily, causing severe flooding in that place. 大雨滂沱,造成了那个地方洪水泛滥。

22. D。根据情况,使役动词make后可接动词原形(不带to的不定式)或过去分词作宾语补足语,但不能接现在分词,故可排除选项A和B; 在剩下的C和D中,要选D不选C,是因为feel作为连系动词,其后要接形容词作表语,不接副词。

23. A。过去分词interested在此已转化为形容词,interested in意为“对……感趣”。

24. C。根据对话的最后一句话可知“他对电脑了解不多”,所以他需要请人修理,故用“have+宾语+过去分词”结构,即选C。

25. A。指英语水平得到提高,故要用过去分词表示被动意义,即选A。

26. A。因things与动词lose之间为被动关系,故用过去分词。

27. D。由于seat用作动词时总是及物的,所以它的后面必须要用宾语,或用被动语态或过去分词,据此可排除A和C。由于不定式to be seated表示将来意义,所以也不能选择。

28. A。因“花”与“浇水”之间为被动关系,所以选过去分词。其实,unless watered可视为unless they are watered之省略。类似的还有:Unless changed. this law will make life difficult for farmers. 这项法令除非进行修改,否则将给农民的生活造成困难。

29. A。根据空格后的by短语可知,空格处应填过去分词或被动结构,因此可排除C和D。从动作的先后关系来看,应该是先受到蔬菜需求的驱使,菜农们后才建起了更多的温室菜地,所以空格处不能选表示进行意义的选项B,而应选表完成意义的选项A。其实,Driven by…可视为As they are driven by…之省略。

30. B。因lessons与动词finish之间为被动关系,故要用过去分词。其实,their lessons finished for the day为独立主格结构。