meeting的用法及相关搭配(at the meeting与in the meeting)

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meeting的用法及相关搭配(at the meeting与in the meeting)

1. 表示“会议”“集会”,是可数名词;表示“在会上”,通常与介词at搭配。如:

They made jokes at what he said at the meeting. 他们拿他在会上讲的话开玩笑。

I can take your place at the meeting tomorrow if necessary. 如果必要的话明天我可以代替你去开会。

有时也用介词 in。如:

Prepare what you plan to say in the meeting ahead of time. 提前准备好你在会上打算说些什么。

Tim really annoyed me in the meeting this morning. 在今天上午的会议上,蒂姆着实惹恼了我。

2. 一般不用来表示“晚会”,此时可用party。如:

We enjoyed ourselves at the party. 在晚会上我们很开心。


A theatre evening has been arranged. 已安排好一个戏剧晚会。

Will you come to our musical evening on Thursday? 你愿意参加我们星期四的音乐晚会吗?