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China’s population is large. 中国人口众多。

Hainan is China’s second largest island. 海南是中国第二大岛。

The Yellow River is China’s second longest river. 黄河是中国第二大河。

China’s countryside looks itsbest in May and June. 中国的农村在五六月时景色最美。


Maotai is a Chinese wine. 茅台是一种中国酒。

Are you into Chinese food? 你对中国菜有兴趣吗?

This book is about Chinese traditional medicine. 这本书是讲中医的。

This was a record set by a Chinese girl. 这是一个中国姑娘创造的记录。

My strongest memory is when I attended a Chinese wedding. 我印象最深的是我参加的一次中国婚礼的情景。

Gone are the days when they could to what they liked to the Chinese people. 他们能够对中国人民为所欲为的日子一去不复返了。

Thinking that traditional Chinese medicine might help, they sent for an old Chinese doctor. 他们请了一位老中医,因为他们考虑到也许中医会有效。