come doing sth 与 go doing sth 的用法

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come doing sth go doing sth 的用法

1. come doing sth 的用法

(1) 表示方式或伴随


Eric came running into the room, out of breath. 埃里克上气不接下气地跑进房间。

A lone rider came galloping towards them. 一个骑着马的人孤身一人向他们奔驰而来。

He was just about to drive off when the secretary came running out. 他正打算驾车离开,这时秘书跑了出来。

(2) 表示进行某活动

后接dancing, shopping, fishing, hiking, hunting, skating, skiing, surfing, swimming, walking等,表示来进行该活动。如:

She went shopping at Harrods。她到哈罗兹去买东西了。

It’s dangerous to go skating on the lake. 在湖上滑冰有危险。

Do you want to come fishing tomorrow? 你明天想一起来钓鱼吗?

The boys went camping in Greece last year. 那些男孩子去年到希腊去露营度假。

2. go doing sth 的用法

(1) 表示方式或伴随


We went skipping down the street arm in arm. 我们挽着胳膊,蹦蹦跳跳地走在大街上。

Someone's going to go flying if you don't pick up these toys. 如果你不把这些玩具捡起来,会有人绊倒的。

When candidates went stumping around the country, people traveled for miles on foot, by horse, by carriage to hear them speak. 当竞选人在全国作巡回演说时,人们会步行、骑马或坐车数英里赶去听他们的演讲。

(2) 表示进行某活动

后接dancing, shopping, fishing, hiking, hunting, skating, skiing, surfing, swimming, walking等,表示去进行该活动,其用法与上面讲到的 come doing sth 相似,只是方向不同,一个表示“来”做某事,一个表示“去”做某事。如:

They like to go ballooning at weekends. 他们周末喜欢乘气球玩。

Do you want to go bowling with us Friday? 星期五想和我们去打保龄球吗?

Normally, I would go fishing, but the weather is bad. 通常我都是去钓鱼,可今天天气不好。

I can’t go climbing this summer; I’m out of condition. 今年夏天我不能登山了——我健康状况不佳。

We went clubbing in some of Ibizas most famous hot spots. 我们去伊维萨岛一些最著名的娱乐区逛夜总会。

She took a gamble that it would not rain when she decided to go camping in cloudy weather.  她决定虽然阴天去野营,冒一把险认为天不会下雨。