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try to do sth 的意思是:设法做某事,想方设法做某事。如:

We must try to improve our service. 我们必须设法提高服务质量。

Parents try to cure their children of bad habits. 父母设法纠正孩子们的不良习惯。

Try to be nice to my father when he visits. 我父亲到这里来时要尽量对他好些。

You really must try to overcome your shyness 你确实需要努力克服你的腼腆。

You shouldn’t try to leave the restaurant without paying. 你不应该试图不付账就离开饭店。

I try to turn out one room every month if I have time.  我尽量在有工夫的时候每个月彻底打扫一个房间。

Don’t spend all your salary. Try to put something by each month.  别把薪水都花了。尽量每个月存下一点。

try doing sth 的意思是:试着做某事,尝试着做某事(看有什么效果或看结果如何)。如:

Let’s try knocking at the back door. 咱们敲敲后门试试。

You try teaching 40 noisy children five days a week! 你来试试每周5天教40个吵闹的孩子!

You were stupid to try climbing up there. You might have killed yourself. 你从那儿往上爬,太蠢了,你可能会摔死的。

I’ll try phoning him, but he may have gone out by now. 我要试着给他打个电话,但他现在可能出去了。

You might try asking your uncle for a job. 你去找你叔父要一份工作吧。

They tried putting wire netting all round the garden. 他们试着用铁丝网把花园全围了起来。

I tried imitating his handwriting. 我试着模仿他的笔迹。

I tried sending her flowers, writing her letters, giving her presents, but she still wouldn’t speak to me. 我试着给她送花,给她写信,送她礼物,但她依然不肯跟我说话。

有的语法学家认为,谈论努力做某件困难的事,既可以用 try to do sth,也可以用 try doing sth。如下面的例子摘自《英语用法指南》:

I tried to change the wheel, but my hands were too cold.

I tried changing the wheel, but my hands were too cold.