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表示“忘记”将要做的事,用 forget to do sth。如:

I forgot to ask Tom. 我忘了去问汤姆。

Whatever happens don’t forget to write. 无论怎样别忘了写信。

I often forget to sign my cheques. 我常常忘记在支票上签名。

You mustn’t forget to tell her about it. 你可别忘了告诉她这件事。

Don’t forget to give my love to Jacqueline. 别忘了向杰克林问好。

It appears that he forgot to sign the letter. 他似乎忘记在信上署名了。

He forgot to leave the car keys on the table. 他忘了把汽车钥匙留在桌上。

I am sorry I forgot to post the letter. 对不起,我忘了寄那封信。

Ruth wouldn’t be so careless as to forget to lock the door. 露丝不会粗心到忘了锁门。

I had hoped to send him a Christmas card, but I forgot to do so. 我本来希望寄给他一张圣诞卡的,但我忘了寄了。

表示“忘记”曾经做过的事,用forget doing sth。如:

I’ll never forget waiting for bombs to fall. 我永远不会忘记等着炸弹掉下来的时刻。

I’ll never forget meeting the Queen. 我永远不会忘记晋见女王的情景。

I shall never forget seeing the Alps for the first time. 我永远也不忘记第一次看到阿尔卑斯山的感受。

The children will never forget visiting this museum. 孩子们一定不会忘记参观过这个博物馆。

I’ll never forget meeting you that afternoon. 我永远不会忘记那天下午见到你的情况。


He forgot having promised to write her. 他忘了曾答应给她写信。

Have you forgotten meeting / having met her? 你忘记了曾见过她吗?