for sb to do sth用作状语

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for sb to do sth用作状语

for sb to do sth在句子中可有作状语。如:

(1) 目的状语。如:

I can’t wait for them to finish talking. 我不能等到他们把话谈完。

She opened the door for me to come in. 她开门让我进去。

She looked up and nodded for me to come in. 她抬起头来,并点头让我进去。

For sales to increase, we must lower our prices. 为了增加销量,我们必须降低价格。

(2) 结果状语。如:

The print is too small for me to read without glasses. 印刷字体太小,我不带眼镜就看不清。

I wish you’d write clearly enough for us to read it. 但愿你能写得清楚点,我们好能看明白。

(3) 条件状语。如:

How would it do for me to write to him? 我来给他写信如何?

(4) 比较状语。如:

There's nothing worse than for a person to ill-treat a child. 没有什么比虐待小孩更恶劣的了。

(5) 原因状语。如:

They made it difficult for me to see her. 他们从中作梗,让我不易见到她。