interested in doing sth与interested to do sth

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interested in doing sthinterested to do sth

表示做某件事情的愿望,虽然通常译为对做某事感兴趣,但其实是指有意做某事、希望做某事或想做某事,此时通常后接in doing sth。如:

Are you interested in going with us? 你有兴趣和我们一道去吗?

They all are just interested in making money. 他们个个只对赚钱感兴趣。

Anyone interested in joining the club should contact us at the address below. 有意加入俱乐部者请按下面的地址和我们联系。

表示对得知的情况作出的临时反应,其后通常后接to do sth。如:

I was interested to read in the paper that scientists have found out how to talk to whales. 我从报纸上看到,科学家已发现如何与鲸鱼谈话,我很感兴趣。

I’m interested to see that Alice and Jake are going out together. 看到艾丽丝和杰克在谈恋爱,我很感兴趣。

表示希望了解情况或获得信息,其后既可接in doing sth,也可接to do sth。如:

I’m interested to hear your opinion. 我想听听你的意见。

I shall be interested to know what happens. 我很想知道情况会怎样。

I’m interested in finding out [to find] out what she did with all that money. 我很想弄清楚那笔钱她是怎么花的。