whatever, whoever, whichever引导名词性从句

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whatever, whoever, whichever引导名词性从句


1. whatever引导的名词性从句

Whatever的意思是“所…的一切事或东西”,可视为what的强调说法,其含义大致相当于anything that,whatever在从句中可用作主语、宾语、定语:

Whatever he did was right. 无论他做什么都是对的。

Give them whatever they desire. 他们想要什么就给他们什么。

I will just say whatever comes into my mind. 我想到什么就说什么。

Goats eat whatever (food) they can find. 山羊找到什么(食物)就吃什么(食物)。

I’m going to learn whatever my tutor wishes. 我将学习任何我的导师愿意我学的东西。

He does whatever she asks him to do. 她要他做什么,他就做什么。

Talk to me about whatever is troubling you. 给我谈谈任何使你烦恼的事。

One should stick to whatever one has begun. 开始了的事就要坚持下去。

She would tell him whatever news she got. 她得到的任何消息都会告诉他。

You can have whatever allowance you like. 你想要多少津贴就给你多少津贴。


2. whoever引导的名词性从句

whoever的意思“任何…的人”,在意义上大致相当于 anybody who。whoever在从句中可用作主语或宾语:

I’ll take whoever wants to go. 谁想去我就带谁去。

She can marry whoever she chooses. 她愿意嫁谁就嫁谁。

Whoever wants the book may have it. 任何人要这书都可拿去。

Whoever comes will be welcome. 谁来都欢迎。

Whoever you invite will be welcome. 任何你邀请的人都欢迎。

Whoever breaks this law deserves a fine. 违反本法者应予以罚款。

I’ll give the ticket to whoever wants it. 请想要这票,我就把它给谁。


(1) whoever既用作主格也用作宾语(作宾语时不宜用whomever,因为在现代英语中whomever已几乎不用)。

(2) 注意以下受汉语意思影响而弄错的句子:

误:Who wins can get a prize. / Anyone wins can get a prize.

正:Whoever wins can get a prize. / Anyone who wins can a prize. 谁赢了都可以获奖。

3. whichever引导的名词性从句

Whichever的意思“…的那个人或事物”,在意义上大致相当于 the person or the thing that。whichever在从句中可用作主语、宾语、定语:

Buy whichever is cheapest. 买最便宜的。

Take whichever you like. 哪个你喜欢你就拿哪个。

Whichever you want is yours. 你要哪个哪个就是你的。

I’ll take whichever books you don’t want. 你不要的任何书我都要。

Whichever (of you) comes in first will receive a prize. 无论(你们)谁先到都可以得奖。

Whichever of us gets home first starts cooking. 我们当中无论哪个先到家,哪个就先开始做饭。


whatever, whoever, whichever除用于引导的名词性从句外,还可用于引导状语从句,相当于no matter what (who, which)。如:

Whatever happened I must be calm. 不管发生什么情况我都要镇静。

Don’t lose heart whatever difficulties you meet. 一不管遇到什么困难都不要灰心。

I’ll post that letter whatever Wilson says. 不管威尔逊说什么,这封信我都要发出去。

He won’t eat you, whoever he is. 不管他是谁,他也不会吃了你。

Whoever you are, you can’t pass this way. 不管你是谁,都不能从这里过去。

Whoever rings, tell him I’m out. 不管谁来电话,都告诉他我不在家。

Whichever side wins, I shall be satisfied. 不管哪边赢,我都会感到满意。

It has the same result whichever way you do it. 不管你怎么做结果都一样。

Whichever you choose, they will be offended. 不管你选哪个,他们都会不高兴。