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误:I don’t still understand what you mean.

正:I still don’t understand what you mean.

析:still 用于否定句时,应放在 don’t, haven’t, didn’t 等否定词之前。又如:

He still doesn’t understand. 他仍然不懂。

The breakfast I ordered still hasn’t arrived. 我要的早餐还没有来。

I still haven’t heard from her. 我还是没有听到她的消息。

When I came back at midnight she still hadn’t finished. 我半夜回来时,他还没有做完。

I’ve been waiting for an hour and he still hasn’t turned up.  我等了一小时了,可他还没来。

I still haven’t thanked Aunt Lucy for her present. 对露茜姑姑送的礼物我还没有表示感谢呢。

I’ve been married to you for sixteen years and I still don’t understand you. 我和你结婚16年了,可我对你仍然不了解。

注:有时 still 也可放在助动词与否定词(not)之间,但较少见,如:

A solution still hasn’t been found. / A solution has still not been found. 还没有找到解决的办法),

但是不能说:A solution hasn’t still been found.