if it weren’t [wasn’t] for与if it hadn’t been for用法

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if it weren’t [wasn’t] forif it hadn’t been for用法



If it weren’t for water, no plant could grow. 要是没有水植物就无法生长。

If it hadn’t been for the doctor, he would have died. 要不是医生救了他,他就会死了。

注:1. 此句型有可用but for, without等替换。如:

If it hadn’t been for [But for, Without] your assistance we wouldn’t have succeeded. 要不是有你帮忙,我们是不会成功的。



原则上说,if it weren’t [wasn’t] for 用于谈论现在的情况,而if it hadn’t been for 用于谈论过去的情况。但实际上if it weren’t [wasn’t] for有时也可用于谈论过去的情况。如:

If it were not for their help, we couldn’t have got over the difficulties. 要不是他们帮助,这些困难我们不克服不了的。