marry, married, marriage的用法

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marry, married, marriage的用法

1. marry可以 用作及物动词,表示“娶,嫁,与……结婚”,结构为:

(1) marry sb  娶某人,嫁给某人

(2) be / get married to sb.  与某人结婚,嫁给某人

(3) be / get married  已婚(状态)

(4) marry one’s daughter to sb. 把女儿嫁给某人


She got married to one of her classmates. 她嫁给了她的一位同学。

They got married last week. 他们上周结婚了。

She married her daughter to a write. 她把女儿嫁给了一位作家。

John is going to marry Miss Lin. 约翰准备娶林小姐。

Miss Lin is going to marry John. 林小姐准备嫁给约翰。

注意不能说: marry with sb. 或be married with sb.

2. marry也用作不及物动词,表示“结婚”。例如:

She married young. 她结婚早。

He married late in life. 他结婚很晚。

She married not for love. 她并不是因为爱情而结婚的。

3. marry是非延续性动词,不可同表示一段时间的状语连用,但be married表示的是状态,可以同一段时间状语连用。

They have married for twenty years. (误)

They have been married for twenty years. (正)

It is twenty years since they married. (正)


(1) 问某人“婚否”,要说:Are you married? / Is she married? 等。

(2) “未婚”可说:be single

(3) 问何时结婚:When did you get married? / When were you married?

4. marriage 名词,表示“婚姻,结婚,婚礼,夫妇生活,密切关系”等含义。

Their marriage was a very happy one. 他们的婚姻非常美满。

She has had an offer of marriage. 有人向她求婚。

marriage articles 结婚契约

marriage portion 嫁妆

The marriage of music and drama in opera. 歌剧中音乐与戏剧的密切关系。