not only…but also…用法说明

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not only…but also…用法说明



She likes not only music but also sport. 她不但喜欢音乐而且喜欢运动。

The place was not only cold, but also damp. 那个地方不但很冷而且很潮湿。

We go there not only in winter, but also in summer. 我们不仅冬天去那儿,而且夏天也去。

Not only the students but also their teacher is enjoying the film. 不仅学生们在欣赏这部影片,他们的老师也在欣赏这部影片。

■not only…but also…中的also通常可以省略,或换成too, as well(要置于句末)。如:

He not only washed the car, but polished it too [as well]. 他不仅冲洗汽车,而且还擦拭了它。

有时甚至连 but also 一并省略掉。如:

Justice must not only be done; it must be seen to be done. 正义不但必须伸张,而且要让人看到正义得到了伸张。

She not only entered the competition—she actually won it! 她不但参加了竞赛——而且居然获胜了!

■为了强调,可将not only置于句首,此时其后的句子通常要用部分倒装的形式。如:

Not only has she been late three times, she has also done no work. 她不仅仅迟到了3次,她还没干一点活。

Not only do they need clothing, but they are also short of water. 他们不但需要衣服,而且还缺水。