not only…but also…是否一定要连接对称结构

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not only…but also…是否一定要连接对称结构


not only…but also…是一对非常有用的关联连词,其意为“不仅……而且……”“不但……而且……”,通常用于连接两个相同的句子成分,即所谓的“对称结构”。如:

1. 连接主语

Not only you but also I am hungry. 不只你,我也饿了呢。

Not only men but also women were chosen. 不仅仅是男的,女的也有被选中的。

Not only the students but also their teacher is enjoying the film. 不仅学生们在欣赏这部影片,他们的老师也在欣赏这部影片。

2. 连接谓语

She not only plays well, but also writes music. 她不仅很会演奏,而且还会作曲。

He not only read the book, but also remembered what he read. 他不仅读过这本书,还记得内容。

She not only sings like an angel, but also dances divinely. 她不但唱歌唱得像天使一样,而且跳舞也跟天仙一般。

3. 连接表语

He is not only arrogant but also selfish. 他不但傲慢,而且自私。

The place was not only cold, but also damp. 那个地方不但很冷而且很潮湿。

Certain poisons, used as medicines in small quantities, prove not only innocuous, but beneficial. 某些毒品,如少量用作药品,证明不但无毒,而且有益。

4. 连接宾语

He speaks both French and English well. 他法语和英语都说得好。

She likes not only music but also sport. 她不但喜欢音乐而且喜欢运动。

If this project fails it will affect not only our department, but also the whole organization. 要是这个方案不成功,这不仅不会影响我们这个部门,而且会影响整个组织。

5. 连接定语

There are problems not only with the students, but also with the teachers themselves. 不但学生们有难题,教师们自己也有。

6. 连接状语

We go there not only in winter, but also in summer. 我们不仅冬天去那儿,而且夏天也去。

He works not only on weekdays but on Sundays as well. 他不仅平时工作,星期日也工作。

They landed up not only having to apologize but also offering to pay. 他们最后不但同意道歉,而且还要付款。



1. 因承前省略而导致的不对称

(1) He not only goes to work on weekdays, but also on weekends. 他不仅工作日去上班,在周末也去上班。

句中的not only后接的是谓语goes to,而but also后接的却是状语 on weekends,可视为but also后承前省略了谓语动词 goes to work。

(2) She not only plays the piano, but also the violin. 他不仅弹钢琴,而且还拉小提琴。

句中的not only后为谓语动词,而but also后接的是名词,实为动词plays的宾语,可视为在but also后承前省略了谓语动词plays。

(3) Her charm not only consists in her beauty but also in her self-confidence. 她的魅力不仅在于她的美貌,而且在于她的自信。

可视为but also后承前省略了consists。

2. 因强调导致不对称

有时为了强调,not only…but also…连接的两个成分也可能是“不对称”的,这类用法尤其见于not only后接的是句子的一个部分,而but却用于句中“连接”一个句子(其后的句中可能出现also,也可能省略also)。如:

(1) It’s not only useless to trouble him but it is needless to do so. 去麻烦他不仅没有用而且没有必要。

(2) He’s not only very fast, but he’s also got marvellous technique. 他不仅很快,而且技术高超。

(3) His headache and fatigue not only subsided, but, what is more, his craving for alcohol disappeared. 不但他的头疼和疲劳减累轻了,而且他嗜酒的毛病也消失了。


(4) The film was not only amusing, but gave a valuable moral lesson. 这部电影不但逗人,而且也上了一堂有价值的道德教育课。(句子后半部分可视为but it gave a valuable moral lesson之省略)

(5) She was not only the largest ship that had ever been built, but was regarded as unsinkable. 这艘轮船不仅是造船史上建造的最大的一艘船,而且也被认为是不会沉没的。(句子后半部分可视为but she was regarded as unsinkable之省略)

(6) These attracted many visitors, for they were not only of great architectural interest, but contained a large number of beautifully preserved frescoes as well. 它们吸引大量游客,不仅是因为建筑风格奇特,而且还有大量保存完好的壁画。