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When we watch the TV series, there is always the similar plot, in order to fulfill the dreams, the protagonist give up the best time for the treatment, though they are seriously ill. This sounds so inspiring, the spirit of pursuing the dreams moves so many audiences, but for me, besides moved, I feel more sorry about the protagonists, for their unwise choices. Life is important, only the living person can have the rights to talk about the dreams, if they lose their lives, everything is impossible. So health is more important than dreams, people need to keep themselves healthy first, and then they can better fulfill their dreams. The wise person will choose to get the treatment and give up the dreams for a while, when they recover, they continue their dreams. So health first, then other things rank second.

我们看电视剧的时候,总会有类似的情节,主角为了实现梦想,放弃了最好的治疗时间,虽然身患重病。 这听起来很励志,追梦的精神感动了多少观众,但对我来说,除了感动,我更同情主角们,为他们不明智的选择。 生命很重要,只有活着的人才有资格谈论梦想,如果失去生命,一切都不可能。 所以健康比梦想更重要,人首先要保持健康,才能更好的实现自己的梦想。 聪明的人会选择接受治疗,暂时放弃梦想,等康复后,继续梦想。 所以健康第一,其次才是其他。

There are many people who think that wealth is better than health. I used to think so until one day I read a story about Howard Hughes. He was an American billionaire who got anything he wanted. However, in the last twenty years of his life, his health began to deteriorate and he was miserable. He had the best doctors and nurses. However, he could still find no relief. I realized that health is worth all the money in the world. If you have millions of dollars but your health is poor, you will not be able to do what you want to do. So I would like to say don't hurt yourself trying to make money. Instead take care of your body and be happy with what you do have. Health is more important.

有很多人认为财富比健康更重要。 我曾经这么认为,直到有一天我读到一篇关于霍华德休斯的故事。 他是一位美国亿万富翁,想要什么都能得到。 然而,在他生命的最后二十年,他的健康开始恶化,痛苦不堪。 他有最好的医生和护士。 然而,他依旧找不到解脱。 我意识到健康值得世界上所有的钱。 如果您有数百万美元,但您的健康状况不佳,您将无法做您想做的事。 所以我想说不要为了赚钱而伤害自己。 相反,要照顾好你的身体,并对你所拥有的感到满意。 健康更重要。

Health is far more important than wealth and wisdom. Good health enables us to enjoy our life and achieve what we hope for in our career. On the contrary, poor health tends to deprive us of our interest in everything around us. How to stay healthy concerns everyone, though we have advanced medicine. When we discuss this, some fundamental principles should be brought in mind.

Firstly, it is very important for us to take more fruits and vegetables because they provide vitamins and they help in the process of digestion. Secondly, we have to keep a balanced diet and maintain regular eating habits. Proper nutrition is important for good health. Avoid food with lots of sugar and fat. Eat plenty of foods high in protein. Thirdly, we?d better do morning exercise every day, do sports frequently to make our bodies strong. Besides, we have to avoid too much work pressure. Getting too tired all the time may definitely weaken our defense system, making us get sick easily. Finally, we have to get rid of those bad habits that damage our health, such as drinking and smoking.

In conclusion, if we stick to things according to the aspects mentioned above, we?ll lead a healthy life and become as fit as a fiddle.