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If above all that lives to seek foothold of heaven and earth, between alcoves, then, the world will have a big - a big piece of place to be dead forever, the birds left homeless, the trees and flowers all borrow live life will become extinct, there will be a eternal darkness. If only lust after all that lives in the fertile soil of black, they are how to complete your ability to control the environment, and how to make oneself become more strong in the generations of breeding? The world is so wonderful. Imagine, that between blades of grass, once their seed was scattered to the fertile land, than they would without wind and rain tested delicate seeds has more exuberant vitality, grow more lush; Just think, dandelion, between the blades once their seeds with a completely flocculant umbrella, to wet the countryside in the wind, they will be more than any other flowers grow stronger, more can the cold heat; As for the stubborn cypress, it is the life, is the most perfect symbol of the willpower and will, it to all of life, for example.

Let all life is not for falling worked down between the stones to frigid 关于励志的英语作文初中, all life is willing to dare to seek the most tough environment. Life is found in the most difficult situation yourself, know yourself, and to exercise and grow themselves, until the final perfect, sublimation themselves.



See work makes ZhuXueGang worked hard on the classmates, let me have the independence of the power, I established the work part-time in your spare time. Sweep the floor, wipe the table, food, tea, before all these, in my opinion is easy, but now when I really put it as a job to do, just know have to be patient, careful, pack up your how much arrogance, steadfast do a good job. Stand work three hours a day, let me understand the meaning of growth in the sweat, let me understand the difficulty of the parents. Although the salary is not high, but I understand the value of money, in the university I became more independent and strong, parents have gradually stretch, frowning forehead because their daughter sensible, because I grew up. I didn't like the others complain about the boring life, my time has become more compact enrichment, I will with 100 effort to realize my dream. As jay Chou's song: now the dream is like a crawling snail, there may be clumsy, but behind every scratch with steadfast, and may be slow, but as long as we don't abandon don't give up, one day, he can in a peak in blade fly forward, appreciate his own unique to the landscape. "Young wisdom, wisdom, young rich or national wealth, young strong a country strong". China's future fate in the hands of young people, only young strong, China will be strong. As a contemporary young people, we must uphold and the strategy of reinvigorating China through human resource development relying on science and education, inheriting and carrying forward the older generation of revolutionaries constantly striving to become the arduous struggle the spirit, efforts to learn scientific and cultural knowledge, well-read, strives for perfection, to do an own strength for development of China. We want to know oneself is shouldering the significant historical mission and responsibility, will own the future destiny is closely linked with the future of the country.

看到工作让朱学刚在同学们身上努力,让我有了独立的力量,我在你的业余时间建立了兼职。扫地、擦桌子、吃东西、喝茶,以前这些在我看来很容易,但现在当我真正把它当成工作去做的时候,才知道要耐心、细心、收拾你有多么的嚣张,踏实做好。每天站立工作三个小时,让我明白了汗水中成长的意义,让我明白了父母的艰辛。虽然工资不高,但我明白钱的可贵,在大学里我变得更加独立坚强,父母也渐渐舒展,因为女儿懂事,皱着眉头,因为我长大了。我不喜欢别人抱怨生活的枯燥,我的时间变得更加紧凑充实,我会用100的努力去实现我的梦想。正如周杰伦的歌:现在的梦想就像一只爬行的蜗牛,可能有笨拙,但每一次抓挠的背后都有坚定,也可能很慢,但只要我们不放弃不放弃,总有一天,他可以在刀锋的高峰中飞翔,领略自己独特的风景。 “年少有智慧,年少有智慧,年少富贵,年少强国强”。中国未来的命运掌握在年轻人手中,只有年轻强,中国才会强。作为当代青年,我们要坚持以科教兴国战略,继承和发扬老一辈革命家不断奋斗成为艰苦奋斗的精神,努力学习科学文化学识渊博,精益求精,为中国的发展尽一份力。我们要知道自己肩负着重大的历史使命和责任,自己的未来命运与国家的未来息息相关。

More than two thousand years ago, a philosopher in the river, facing the underpinnings of the water, think of the passage of time and things, historic spread of exclamation: dead, Ruth. Life in one hundred, how many spring and autumn period. Look forward, as if time leisurely boundless; Wave fierce looking back, we never know the life moment. Time is the most common, also is the most precious. Money can't buy it, do not leave it. "Not pond cleaning up the dream, the leaf has the autumn before order." Unusual today, because today from an examination only 30 days; You unusual, because you will face the important choice for the first time of life; The unusual choice, because this choice will determine whether you can sit in key middle school classrooms, whether can smoothly enters a higher school, and even decide whether you can enter, your ivory tower and then decided to your future life development.

In the face of the upcoming tests, maybe some classmates is because his achievement is not ideal and hesitation, maybe some students will because time short and sigh, perhaps some students not easy matter of counting the days. But the classmates, you know not to know that your parents are the upcoming exam worried for you, our teacher in under tremendous pressure, other schools more competitors in the fight, itch to try. Examination, will we have a little hesitation, examination, will we have a moment stagnation, examination, will we have no! An examination, we must win! Opportunity favors only on those that have patience to wait for ". So, let us in the next 30 days, radar Ma Libing, using our confidence and work hard to create miracle! Examination is a race of the energy and wisdom, is a beyond, is a battle, must fully be particular about strategy and tactics.

两千多年前,一位哲人在河中,面对着水的根基,想起时间与事物的流逝,历史性地传出感叹:死了,露丝。人生百,多少春秋期。展望未来,仿佛时光悠闲无边;浪猛的回首,我们永远不知道人生的那一刻。时间是最普通的,也是最宝贵的。钱买不来,不离不弃。 “未清池梦,叶有秋前序。”今天不寻常,因为今天离考试只有30天;你与众不同,因为你将面临人生第一次的重要选择;不同寻常的选择,因为这个选择将决定你是否能坐在重点中学的教室里,是否能顺利进入高等学校,甚至决定你是否能进入,你的象牙塔进而决定你未来的人生发展。