my college life 作文带翻译

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my college life作文带翻译是:Which place we look forward to university, the number of students of senior three。大学,多少高三学子向往的地方。


Which place we look forward to university, the number of students of senior three. University life, every high school students dream of want to experience. At least I was at that time. But, to be honest, the university for me at that time is a kind of imagination of good, but how, I want to now I didn't have a certain understanding to him.

It was just bright, can see someone read a foreign language in the shade on campus, that kind of to be attentive, let the pedestrian light steps and afraid to disturb them. Find a seat to sit down and take out a textbook, a day of university life began.

Gradually the pedestrians on the road, broke the quiet campus, almost time for my class, and chat with my classmates last night's game, edge towards the classroom. The classroom soon immersed in the wonderful lecture teacher, my mind to follow the teacher in float in the sky, the old professor appearing on the face of youth.

In the afternoon after school time is the most unforgettable, this is the time of his own can be allocated, you can go on the Internet, dating, dinners, etc., as well as a variety of activities at the time, from the pavilion there come the sound of applause, the football field a group of students playing football, there are several girls in Shouting refueling...

Unwittingly spent two years of university life, really suantiankula all have in the past two years. Anyway, we are all in day by day grow up, mature, step by step towards his dream.

Finally, also might as well say: my university life, really wonderful.