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tsr的意思是:1、电话销售代表,全称是telephone service representative。2、终止并驻留,全称是terminate and stay resident。3、股东总回报,全称是total share-holder return。


1.The agent is unable to initialize the User TSR. 代理无法初始化用户常驻内存程序。

2.Since TSR was purchased by Wizards of the Coast, the game has seen even more expansions and updates. 自从tsr被威世智公司收购以来,这个游戏得到了更多的扩展和升级。

3.TSR program is a kind of program which can reside in memory, and can be activated by using a hot key. TSR程序是一种驻留在内存,可用热键在任何状态下将其激活的程序。

4.Last year we opened TSR Sweden and TSR Denmark because we would like to expand in this region as well. 去年我们开了TSR的瑞典和丹麦tsr,因为我们想在这一地区扩大。

5.A schedule which does not use any memory is given to detect and release the TSR in memory automatically. 提出了一种能自动对内存的TSR程序进行检测、释放,而管理程序本身不占用任何内存的调度管理方法。