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settle的名词是:settlement 殖民, 殖民地settler 移民者, 殖民者。

  1. 解决;解释;阐明

With the help of his friends, he finally solved the problem.


  1. 解,解答(数学题)

She tried to solve a crossword puzzle.

她试着解答一道纵横字谜。 3. 清偿(债务等)4. 溶解

及物动词 vt.

  1. 安放;安顿;安排;料理[O]

He settled his child in a corner of the compartment.

他把孩子安顿在车厢的一个角落里。 2. 使(杂质)沉淀;使(液体)澄清3. 使(自己)安下心来;使(心情)平静下来,使安宁

After the excitement I tried to settle myself.

激动过后,我设法平静下来。 4. 确定,决定[+(that)][+wh-]

I've settled that I'll drop medicine and take up physics.

我已决定放弃学医,开始学物理。 5. 解决(问题等);结束(争端、纠纷等)

Both wanted to settle their scores.


The question has been settled.

这个问题已经解决了。 6. 使定居;殖民于[H]7. 支付,结算

I have several bills to settle