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drs的意思是:数据反应系统,全称为:Data Reaction System。


1.Overall, the stability of RRS is inferior to DRS. 同程系统的稳定性总体上不如异程系统。

2.It was discovered and patented by researchers Drs. 据研究人员发现并获得专利的博士。

3.Drs. Boyle and Smith's work transformed photography. 博伊尔和史密斯的研究成就改变了摄影技术。

4.The team consists of BAE Systems, Raytheon, and DRS Technologies. 该团队由BAE系统公司、雷声公司和DRS技术公司组成。

5.The DRS memory to memory solution is a good solution for many deployments. DRS内存到内存解决方案是适用于很多部署的解决方案。