take down三个意思

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take down三个意思分别为:记下;拆卸;病倒。

take down的双语例句:

1.Why did you take down my plates? 你凭什么抄我的车牌?

2.It's easy to fit together and take down. 装在一起和取下来都很容易。

3.Girl's Purple Tent is on sale! It has light weight and is easy to fit together and take down.女孩的紫色帐篷正在出售!它重量轻,很容易组装在一起,也容易拆解。

4.Take down the security cameras. 把那些摄像头摘下来。

5.Please take down my baggage. 请帮我拿下行李。

6.Take down the poster and hide the jersey. 不仅海报被他从墙上撕了下来,球衣也被藏了起来。

7.Take down the love letters from the bookshelf. 从书架上取下那些情书。

8.They prepared to take down what he would say in shorthand. 他们准备用速记来记录他将说的话。

9.SUMO boasts 82 kimarite, or techniques, to take down an opponent. 相扑运动夸耀他的“大相扑82技”,来战胜对手。

10.Take down three enemies of the same kind to trigger mega-jump bonuses. 攻击下3个同一种类的敌人,可以触发一次特大跳越机会。