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pup的意思是:小狗;幼畜;生小狗。读音为:英 /pʌp/、美 /pʌp/。

复数 pups

第三人称单数 pups

现在分词 pupping

过去式 pupped

过去分词 pupped


1.I felt like a scared little pup, because there were so many people in one room. 我感觉自己是一条受惊的小狗,因为有那么多人挤在一个房间里。

2.The judge then offered to cut an additional 20 days if Clark dresses up as Safety Pup. 后来法官又提出,如果克拉克肯扮做“安全小狗”的话,那么可以削减额外的20天。

3."It should have been me," one pup sighs, nearly satirizing in both the public and the occasion. “本来应该是我。”一只小狗叹息,无论是公共场合还是私下几乎都在讽刺。

4.I'll get you an Alsatian pup for Christmas. 我将送你一只德国牧羊犬幼仔作为圣诞礼物。

5.Off he goes with our much-calmed pup. 他带着我们平静许多的小狗走了出去。

6.We used to play with pup under that frondent banyan tree. 我们曾经一起在那棵茂盛的榕树下和小狗一起玩耍。

7.Of course, Sam was hardly a pup. 当然,山姆已不再是一只小狗了。