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Pack的意思是:英 [pæk] 美 [pæk] 一群;一副;包裹;一包



英 [pæk] 美 [pæk]


  1. 一群;一副;包裹;一包
  2. 包装;解雇;塞满;收拾行李;佩戴


  1. (名词)

[C]包裹,背包 number of things wrapped or tied together for carrying; bag

[C]小纸盒,小纸包 smaller paper or cardboard container in which goods are packed for selling

[C]一群,一队 group of wild animals that hum together; organized group

[C]一帮,一伙,一堆 number of people or things

[C]一副 a complete set of playing cards

  1. (动词)
  2. & vi. 捆扎; 收拾行李 put together in a bundle, box, etc.
  3. 塞进; 拥进 fit, crush, push people, things into a space
  4. 装箱 be able to be put into a container for transport of storing
  5. & vi. (使)形成硬块 (cause sth to) form a hard compact mass
  6. 携带,佩带 carry sth; be equipped with sth
  7. 挑选…使之偏袒自己 choose sb so that they are likely to decide in one's favour