check out a book意思

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check out a book的意思是:借书。


1.Check out a book called Influence, written by Robert Cialdini.

找找一本robert Cialdini写的书,书名叫《影响力》。

2.To check out a book, students swipe a bar code placed inside the book at a computer station, which then asks for them to press their thumb on a fingerprint scanner.


3.You can check out the book again when it's returned in a couple of weeks.


4.Users can take out a book for however long they like, but they'll only be able to check out one title at a time, and then only one title a month.


5.If you can’t afford to take a night class, buy a book (or check one out from the library!) or take an online tutorial.


6.But if you do want a book, check out The Longevity Project - it's an interesting read.


7.From then on, when they sign-in to a computer in the library, renew a book, or check-out materials, they would be using the username and password that they created.