no message available什么意思

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no message available的意思是:没有可用的信息。


1.This is because no agent is available to service your request, not even one that would return your request with an error message.


2.If it is enabled but no sections are selected, the Search Sitemap portlet displays a message that no pages are available.

如果启用了该功能但是并没有选择区段,则Search Sitemap portlet会显示出没有页面可用的提示信息。

3.I really have no idea when Mr. Black could be available in the office. Could you call back later or would you mind leaving a message?


4.Clarified the error message when no corpses are available for the Cannibalize ability.


5.No error message is available.


6.After three hours you get the message that there is no license key available on the computer.


7.Or an destination unreachable message, when there is no route available such as when a line goes down.