workout和work out的区别

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workout和work out的区别:



I did a two-hour workout in the gym.我在健身房锻炼了两个小时。

I went for a ride to give my new bike a workout.我骑车遛了一圈,试了一下我的新自行车。

The team had a hard workout this morning.该队今天早晨进行了大强度训练。

2、work out多指解决数学问题


This problem will not work out.这个问题解答不了。

She worked out the problem with no difficulty.她毫无困难地解决了这个问题。

The area can easily be worked out if you know the length and the breadth.如果你知道长度与宽度, 面积很容易计算出来。

The charge for labor works out at almost ten shillings an hour.付给工人的费用算下来每小时差不多十先令。

I can't work out how to do it.我无法解答怎么做它。

Can you work out on the map where we are now?你能在地图上找到我们现在所在的位置吗?