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Does __________ matter if he can’t finish the job on time?

A. this                        B. that                        C. he                        D. it

【分析】此题选 D。注意在以下句式中通常都用 it 作主语:

It looks as if that he is very rich. 他看起来好像很富有。

It seems that he is interested in music. 他似乎对音乐有兴趣。

It appears as if they have lost interest. 看来他们已失去了兴趣。

It happened that he was there with us. 碰巧他当时和我们在一起。

It matters little if I miss my bus. 即使我没搭上公共汽车也没什么大不了的。

顺便说一下 It doesn’t matter. 的有关用法:

1. It doesn’t matter. 单独使用(即其后不接词)时,也可说成 That doesn’t matter. 其意为“没关系”(主要用来回答道歉和表示某事不是很重要):

A:Would you go there with me? 你愿和我一起去吗?

B:I’d like to,but I have to post these letters. 我很愿意去,但我要去寄这些信。

A:That [It] doesn’t matter. 没关系。

2. It doesn’t matter. 若不是单独使用,而是在其后跟有从句,则句首的 it 便不能改为 that:

It doesn’t matter to me whether she is pleased or not. 她是否满意对我而言并不重要。