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whichever引导主语从句时,相义相当于any that, anyone who,通常译为“无论哪个……都”“无论谁……都”。如:

Whichever you want is yours. 你要哪一个,哪一个就是你的。

Whichever comes in first will receive a prize. 谁先到就会获奖。


Whichever team gains the most points wins. 哪个队得分最多,哪个队就赢。

Whichever of them gains the most points wins. 他们中哪一个得分最多,哪一个就赢。

注意,不要与whichever引导让步状语从句(=no matter which)时的用法相混淆。如:

Whichever side wins, I shall be happy. 不管哪边赢,我都会高兴。

Whichever he chooses, he is damned. 无论他挑选哪一个都会倒霉。

Whichever method you use, the result is much the same. 不论你用哪一种方法,结果都差不多。