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“I’m going to the post office.” “_________ you’re there, can you get me some stamps?”

A. As                       B. While                  C. Because               D. If




为什么呢?因为 as 和 while 在引导时间状语从句表示“当……的时候”时,有这样一个区别:as 所引导的从句谓语通常应是那些表示动作或发展意义的动词,不能是be (是,在), have (有),like (喜欢),belong (属于)等表示状态或静态意义的动词;而 while 则无此限制。所以此题的最佳答案是B而不是A。请再看例句,答案均选 while,不选as:

(1) _________ you are at home alone, please don’t leave the door open.

A. While                   B. As                        C. Before                  D. How

(2) _________ you are alone with her, tell her that you like her.

A. While                   B. As                        C. After                    D. How

不过顺便说一句,以上关于 as 的用法限制是针对它引导时间状语从句时而言的,它若引导原因状语从句,则无此限制。如:

I went to bed early, as I was exhausted. 睡得早,因为我筋疲力尽了。

As he is young, we can’t be too hard on him. 由于他还年轻,所以我们不能对他太苛刻。