if not more than 及其他

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if not more than 及其他


In that month, he earned as much as, if _________ than, $40 000.

A. no more              B. not more             C. no much              D. not much

【分析】此题最佳答案为B。if not more than 为 if he didn’t earn more than $40000 之省略。请看类似试题(答案均选B):

1. Her pronunciation is as good as, if _________ than, her teacher's.

A. no better               B. not better              C. no good                D. not good

2. This church is as old as, if _________ than, that one.

A. no older                B. not older               C. no old                  D. not old

3. He has read the book as many as, if_________ than, five times.

A. no more               B. not more               C. no much               D. not much