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It was not __________ he took off his dark glasses __________ I realized he was a famous singer.

A. when,that                        B. until,that                        C. until,when                        D. when,then

此题选B。考查 not...until 的强调结构,其基本句型为:

It is (was) not until (时间状语) that 从句(不用否定)


正:He didn’t come until his wife left.

正:It was not until his wife left that he came.


正:They didn’t start until the rain stopped.

正:It was not until the rain stopped that they started.


1. It was not until midnight __________ the noise of the street stopped.

A. that                 B. this                   C. since            D. at which

2. It was not _________1920 _________ regular radio broadcast began.

A. for,that         B. until,that         C. for,when     D. until,when

3. It was not _________ you had explained how _________ I managed to do it.

A. for,that          B. until,that         C. for,when      D. until,when

答案:1. A      2.      B 3. B