can't help doing还是can't help to do

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can’t help doing还是can’t help to do


She can’t help _________ the house because she’s busy making a cake.

A. to clean                        B. cleaning                        C. cleaned                        D. being cleaned

【分析】此题容易误选B,简单地套用 can’t help doing sth 这一结构。其实此题应选A,注意以下两个结构均可用,只是含义不同:can’t help doing sth=禁不住做某事,情不自禁地做某事;can’t help to do sth=不能帮助做某事。前者为引申用法,一般辞书均作为固定搭配列出来,许多老师对此也比较强调,从而也就引起了同学们的足够重视,并因此形成了思维定势;而后者为 help 表示“帮助”时的本义用法,因同学们平时对此没引起注意,一看到上面的试题就马上联想到 can’t help doing sth 这一结构,从而误选了B。请看下面一例:

While shopping, people sometimes can’t help _________ into buying something they don’t really need.

A. to persuade                 B. persuading                  C. being persuaded               D. be persuaded

此题应选 C(注意根据句意要用被动形式)。