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insist后接不定式还是动名词? 请看题:

They insisted _________ a car over to fetch us.

A. to send                      B. sending                     C. on sending                    D. in sending

分析:很多同学想当然地认为 insist 后接动词时要用动名词,从而误选B。其实动词 insist 后既不能接不定式也不能接动名词,因为insist 通常用作不及物动词;若语义上需接宾语,要借助介词 on或upon,即用于 insist on [upon] (doing) sth;有时它也用作及物动词,但其宾语通常只能是 that 从句,而不能是普通的名词、代词或动名词。有的同学可能是根据 insist on doing sth 这一结构,想当然的认为 insist 后要接动名词,忽略了其间的介词 on。正确答案应选C。又如:

Andrew insisted on paying the bill. 安德鲁坚持付账。

Tom insisted on reading the letter. 汤姆坚持要看信。

I insisted on buying a quality ear. 我坚持买一辆高质量的车。

Your father insists on coming with us. 你父亲坚持和我们一起来。

She insisted on paying for herself. 她坚持要付她自己的那一份钱。

They insisted on being treated as equals. 他们坚持对他们要平等相待。

Martin insisted on going to work in spite of his illness. 马丁坚持要抱病工作。

She insisted on their both accepting the invitation. 她一定要他们两人都接受邀请。

He insisted on going back to his work rather than stay in hospital. 他坚持要回到工作岗位,不再住医院。