for sb to do sth可用作哪些句子成分

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for sb to do sth可用作哪些句子成分  

for sb to do sth结构为for加名词或代词宾格再加不定式构成的复合结构,它在句子中可以用作以下句子成分:


for sb to do sth 结构在句子中可以用作主语。如:

For you to ask Joe would be a big mistake. 你要是去问乔,那将是一大错误。

For Ann to go to France would make me very happy. 安要是到法国去将使我感到很高兴。


for sb to do sth 结构有时可用作表语。如:

It is for you to decide. 该由你来决定。

His idea is for us to travel in separate cars. 他的意思是我们不要同乘一辆汽车。

There’s a plan for Jack to spend a year in Japan. 有一个计划是让杰克在日本呆上一年。


for sb to do sth 结构有时也可用作某些动词的宾语。如:

She hates for people to feel sad. 她不愿看到人们忧心忡忡。

I thought it strange for her to be out so late. 她这么晚还不回来,我觉得有些奇怪。

I would like for you to stay as long as you want. 我希望你留下来,想留多久就留多久。


for sb to do sth 结构用可以作定语。如:

It’s time for everybody to go to bed. 是大家睡觉的时候了。

He raised his arm as a signal for us to stop. 他抬起手臂示意我们停下。


for sb to do sth 结构可以用作状语。如:

We were all shouting for him to shoot. 我们都喊着要他射门。(表目的)

This is much too heavy for you to lift. 这东西太重,你拿不起来。(表结果)

How would it do for me to write to him? 我来给他写信如何?(表条件)