I’d rather 后接句子的语气

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I’d rather 后接句子的语气

下面这道题是考查 I’d rather 后接句子的语气问题,该选哪个?

“He will come tomorrow.” “But I’d rather he _________ the day after tomorrow.”

A. will come                        B. is coming                        C. came                        D. had come

【分析】此题容易误选A或B,因为上文的 He will come tomorrow 以及下文的时间状语 the day after tomorrow 似乎都表明空白处应填一个一般将来时态。但实际上此题的最佳答案是 C,这与 would rather 的用法有关。按照英语习惯,would rather 后接that 从句时,其谓语的时态规律是:用过去式表示现在或将来,用过去完成时表示过去。又如:

I’d rather you went home now. 我宁愿你现在就回家。

I’d rather you hadn’t done that. 我真希望你没有做过那事。

“I’ve told him about it.” “But I’d rather you hadn’t.” “我把这事告诉他了。”“但我倒宁愿你没有告诉他。”

“He will take you as well.” “But I’d rather he didn’t.” “他将把你也带上。”“但我倒宁愿不要带我去。”