if you will…用法详解

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if you will…用法详解




误:I don’t know if it will rain tomorrow. But if it will rain tomorrow, I’ll stay at home.

正:I don’t know if it will rain tomorrow. But if it rains tomorrow, I’ll stay at home.

析:上句第一个 if 引导的是宾语从句(if=是否),从句谓语用将来时态表示将来意义;第二个if引导的是条件状语从句(if=如果),从句谓语要用一般现在时表示将来意义。

但问题是,我们在教材上经常可以遇到if you will…这样的表达——是上面的规则出了问题?还是教材上的表达不合习惯?其实都不是!真正的问题是,你没有真正弄清if you will…的用法。


首先,大家要明确if you will…这类表达中的will不是用于构成将来时态的助动词,而是一个情态动词,所以它的意思不是“将”,而是“愿意”“执意”等。下面我们来归纳一下if you will…的用法。

1. will表示意愿


A man who won't work is no good. 不肯干活的人没出息。

I will pay you at the rate you ask. 我愿意照你要求的价钱付款。


If you will allow me, I will see you home. 如果你同意,我可以送你回家。

If you won’t come, I’ll go myself. 如果你不愿意去,那我就自己去。

I’ll thank you if you will give me a hand. 如果你能帮助我,我就谢谢你了。

I’ll pay for the hotel, if you will for the food. 如果你原付伙食钱,我就来付旅馆钱。

If you won’t stop smoking, you can only expect to have a bad cough. 如果你不肯戒烟,你只会患严重咳嗽。

If he will only try harder, I’m sure he’d do well. 只要他愿再努力一些,我相信他会做好的。

If you will agree to pay us compensation, we will agree not to take the matter any further. 只要你会同意给我们赔偿费,我们就同意不再追究此事。

If you will indulge me for one moment, I think I can explain the matter to you. 你要是容我把话说完,我想我可以把此事给你解释清楚。

I’ll appreciate it if you will let me know in advance. 如果你事先让我知道的话,我会很感激的。

I’d be grateful if you will let me know soon. 如果你肯早点告诉我,我会感激不尽。


If you will wait a moment, I’ll fetch the money. 请稍等一会,我就取钱去。

If you will follow me, I’ll show you the way. 请跟我来,我给你指路。

If you will wait a moment I’ll see if Mr Jones is free. 请您稍候片刻,我看看琼斯先生是否有空。

If you would come this way, I’ll take you to the manager’s office. 请你从这边走,我带你去经理办公室。

If you will sit down for a few moments, I’ll tell the manager you’re here. 请稍坐,我这就通知经理说您来了。


I would be very grateful if you would make the arrangements for me. 如果您能为我安排一下,我将不胜感激。

2. will表示执意


She will keep interrupting people. 她老是要不断地打扰别人。

He will comb his hair at the table, even though he knows I don't like it. 他偏要在饭桌边梳头,还明明知道我不喜欢。


He would do it, though I told him not to. 虽然我叫他不要做,可是他偏要做。

Regardless of warnings he would play with fire. 他不听警告,偏要玩火。


If you will go to bed so late, no wonder you’re tired. 如你偏要这么晚睡觉,自然就会感到疲倦。

If you will play the drums all night no wonder the neighbors complain. 如果你执意要整夜敲鼓的话,那就难怪邻居抱怨。

If you will go out without your overcoat, what can you expect? 如果你一定不穿大衣外出,那你还能指望什么?

If you will get drunk every night, it’s not surprising you feel ill. 如果你每天晚上非得一醉方休,你感到难受就不奇怪了。

If you will keep your watch half an hour slow it is hardly surprising that you are late for your appointments. 如果你一定要让你的表慢半个小时,你约会时迟到就不足为怪了。

3. 一点补充


If you would be interested, I should be very glad to send you a copy of my book. 你如感兴趣,我将会很高兴寄给你我的一本书。

If you would have come sooner, you could have helped us. 你如早来一点,就会帮上我们了。

If I would have let him back me down in front of everybody, I would have lost respect. 假如我让他逼我在大伙面前认错的话,我就会丢脸了。