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1. 名词

They became great friends. 他们成了莫逆之交。

He aims to become a computer expert. 他打算当一名电脑专家。

She has become a painter of distinction. 她成了一名杰出的画家。

2. 形容词

She became very fond of her. 她变得非常喜欢她了。

He soon became angry. 他过了一会儿就生气了。

She has become familiar with the house. 她对这房子已变得很熟悉。

I’ve become used to a vegetarian diet. 我已习惯于素食。

3. 过去分词

They had just become engaged. 他们刚刚订婚。

At last the truth became known to us. 我们终于知道了真相。

The room soon became crowded. 房间很快变得拥挤起来。

Jamie was becoming annoyed with me. 杰米变得对我不高兴起来。



误:He became to be interested in biology.

正:He became interested in biology.


误:Then we became to like him.

正:Then we began [came] to like him.