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1. 注意它与不同介词的搭配。如:

It varies from the original. 它与原作不同。

Stars vary in brightness. 星星的光亮度不同。

Opinions vary on this point. 对这一点看法各异。

Prices vary with the seasons. 物价随季节而变动。

The temperature varied throughout the day. 气温一整天都在变化着。

Courses vary according to the needs of the students. 课程根据学生的需要而有所不同。

2. 尤其要注意 vary from…to…这类表达。如:

The weather varies from day to day. 天气一天天变化。

Levels of unemployment vary from region to region. 失业情形各地不同。

The charge varies from 5 yuan to 10 yuan. 费用从5元到10元不等。

Office hours vary from company to company and country to country. 因公司、国家不同,办公时间也有所不同。