发布时间:2022-04-24T11:44:55 英语语法


1. 是及物动词,后接宾语时无需用任何介词。如:


误:Don’t mention about it before the children.

正:Don’t mention it before the children.

2. 其后习惯上不接双宾语。如:


误:He never mentioned me his girl friend.

正:He never mentioned his girl friend to me.

正:He never mentioned to me that he had a girl friend.

3. 若后接动词作宾语,该动词要用动名词,不用不定式。如:


正:My wife mentioned to see you the other day.

正:My wife mentioned seeing you the other day.

4. 口语中说 Don’t mention it. 主要用来回答感谢,有时也用来回答道歉。如:

A:Thank you very much. 多谢你了。

B:Don’t mention it. 不客气。

A:I’m sorry to have troubled you. 对不起打扰你了。

B:Don’t mention it. 没关系。

5. 用于 not to mention, 意为“更不用说”“还不算”“除……之外”。如:

There’re ten of us ready to help, not to mention the children. 我们有10个人愿意帮忙,还不算小孩。

He has two big houses in this country, not to mention his villa in France. 除了在法国的别墅外,他在这个国家还拥有两栋大房子。