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been 时常用作 come 和 go 的过去分词。如:

Granny has been to see us twice since Christmas. 自从圣诞节以来,奶奶已经来看过我们两次了。

I haven’t been to the theatre for ages. 我很久没有看戏了。

Have you ever been to Northern Ireland? 你曾经去过北爱尔兰吗?


The postman’s already been. (He has come and gone away again.) 邮递员已经来过了。

Jane’s come, so we can startwork. (She has come and is still here.) 简来了,所以咱们可以开始干活儿了。

—I’ve been to London three times this week. 这星期我已经到伦敦去过3次了。

“Where’s Lucy? ” “She’s gone to London. ”“露西在哪儿? ”“她到伦敦去了。”