发布时间:2022-04-24T11:44:40 英语语法


They don’t allow parking. 他们不准停放汽车。

They shouldn’t allow parking here; the street is too narrow. 这儿不该允许停车,马路太窄了。


Please allow me to add one more point. 请允许我再补充一点意见。

The money will allow you to go abroad for further study. 那笔钱使你能够出国深造。


We don’t allow eating in the classrooms. 我们不允许在教室吃饭。

We don’t allow students to eat in the classrooms. 我们不允许学生在教室吃饭。


— Can I smoke here?

— Sorry. We don’t allow _________ here.

A. people smoking                            B. people smoke

C. to smoke                                     D. smoking