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1. 构成疑问句  

Where do I pay? 我在哪儿付钱?

When do you start? 你何时动身?

How did you do it? 你是怎么做的?

How do you feel today? 你今天感觉如何?

Why do you keep on smiling? 你怎么老是笑?

How does the story end up? 这故事结局如何?

How does she stay so young? 她怎么能永葆青春呢?

When did you realise that the money was missing? 你什么时候发觉钱丢了?

2. 构成否定句  

I don’t like football. 我不喜欢足球。

Please don’t annoy me. 请不要打搅我。

I didn’t arrive at the station early enough. 我到达车站不够早。  

I don’t care how expensive it is. 我不在乎这件东西有多贵。  

I didn’t meet either Jane or her husband. 简或是她的丈夫我都没遇见。

He washed the car. He didn’t polish it. 他冲洗了汽车。他没有擦拭它。  

3. 构成倒装句  

Never did he speak about his own merits. 他从不讲自己的功绩。

Very rarely did she receive letters from her brother. 她很少收到她兄弟的信。

Hardly had he arrived when she started complaining. 他一到家,她就抱怨起来。  

Never did he think the book would be finished so soon. 他可没想到这本书会这么快看完。  

Seldom has a devoted teacher been so splendidly rewarded. 一位忠诚的教师很少受到如此丰厚的报答。  



She does like dogs. 她真的喜欢狗。

Do have another cup of coffee. 请再喝杯咖啡吧。

Do be careful with that vase! 务必小心那个花瓶!

I do hope you’ll get better soon. 我真希望你早日康复。

He did come but soon went back. 他是来了,但很快就回去了。



“She likes cakes.” “She really does.”“她喜欢吃蛋糕。”“她的确喜欢。”

Watch that man—I want to know everything he does. 盯住那个人——我要了解他的一切活动。

I always eat peas with honey. My wife never does. 我总是就着蜂蜜吃豌豆。我的妻子从来不这样吃。

She paid them a generous wage for the little they did. 她为他们的那么一点工作付了很高的工资。

Some parents did it only once a week, some said they never did. 一些父母每周仅做一次,一些父母则说他们从来不做。