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1. 用作动词,注意以下搭配:

(1) 用于report sb,表示“告发某人”。如:

It won’t be necessary for him to report to the police. 他没必要去报告警察。

(2) 用于report to sb,表示“向某人报告”。如:

We must report to the teacher at once. 我们必须要马上向老师报告。

(3) 用于report sb to sb,表示“向某人告发某人”。如:

We’ll report you to the teacher. 我们将向老师告发你。

He reported the boy to the head teacher for smoking on the school premises. 他向校长告发了这个男孩在校内吸烟。

用于report sth to sb,表示“将某事向某人报告或汇报”。如:

He reported his discoveries to the professor. 他把自己的发现向教授作了汇报。

2. 用作动词时,若后接动词作宾语,要用动名词(可用一般式或完成式),不能用不定式。如:

They reported having seen him in Bringhton. 他们说在布赖顿见到了他。

He reported having met only a cyclist. 他报告说只碰到一个骑自行车的人。



正:They reported seeing [having seen] UFOs.

正:They reported that they had seen UFOs.

3. 用作动词时虽然不能直接跟不定式作宾语,但可接“宾语+不定式”。如:

They reported a star to have appeared in the East. 他们报道东方出现了一颗星星。

Everyone reported him to be the best man for the job. 大家都说他是做这工作最合适的人。


A girl is reported to be missing. 据报导一个女孩失踪了。

He is reported to have been chosen chairman of the trade union. 据说他当选了工会主席。

注意,被动式be reported 是一个常用结构,其后可以接不定式、分词、介词短语、as短语等。如:

He’s reported to be still in prison. 据报道他还在坐牢。

He was reported to have broken the world record. 据报道他打破了世界纪录。

The late rice was reported growing better than last year. 据报道晚稻长势比去年好。

The ship was reported lost with all hands. 据报道船连同船上的所有人都失踪了。

He was reported under house arrest. 据报道他被软禁起来了。

She was reported as exercising [to exercise] great political influence over her husband. 据说她在政治上对他丈夫有很大的影响力。

4. 用于It is reported that…,意为“据说……”,比较以下同义句:


正:it is reported that she earns over $10 million a year.

正:She is reported to earn over $10 million a year.