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1. 表示“淹死”“淹没”,可用作及物或不及物动词。如:

She fell in the water and drowned. 她落水淹死了。

The flood drowned all the cattle. 洪水把牛全都淹死了。


He narrowly escaped drowning [being drowned]. 他险些溺死。

He (was) drowned while trying to swim across a river. 他在努力游过一条河时淹死了。

2. drown表示“淹死”,若是淹而未死,应改为try to drown之类的结构。如:

He tried to drown his cat, but it jumped up and ran away. 他设法要把他的猫溺死,但它跳出来跑掉了。

3. a drowning man指“溺水的人”,a drowned man指“被淹死的人”,两者意思不同。比较:

A drowning man will catch at a straw. 溺水者稻草也想攀。

It is hard to rescue drowning people because they struggle so much. 救溺水的人很不容易,因为他们挣扎得厉害。

The sea washed up the body of the drowned sailor. 海浪把淹死的水手的尸体冲到了岸边。