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1. 表示“决定做某事”,其后要接不定式,不能接动名词。如:

They decided to delay the meeting. 他们决定把会议推迟。

She decided to call his office. 她决定给他办公室打电话。

若要接动名词,应先接介词 on(但不如用不定式结构常见)。如:

We decided on leaving. 我们决定离开。

He decided on going abroad. 他决定出国。

另外,decide on之后还可接名词或代词,表示“对……作出决定”或“选定……”。如:

We haven’t decided on a price but we’re open to offers. 价钱未定,欢迎顾主开价。

After seeing all the candidates we’ve decided on this one. 我们见了所有的候选人,决定选这位。

2. 表示“决定不做某事”,可用 decide not to do 或 decide against doing。如:

He decide not to change [against changing] his job. 他决定不换工作。

They have decided not to move [against moving] to London. 他们已决定不搬到伦敦去。

另外,decide against 之后也可接名词或代词。如:

After talking the matter over, they decided against the plan. 经过反复讨论,他们决定不采用该计划。