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1. 是及物动词,其后可以下形式的宾语:

(1) 名词:

Words cannot describe her beauty. 言语无法形容她的美丽。

Please describe her wife. 请讲讲他的妻子。

Can you describe it to [for] me? 你能把它描述给我听听吗?

(2) 疑问词引导的从句:

Please describe what you saw. 请说说你所见到的情况。

They asked me to describe exactly how it happened. 他们要我把所发生的事情准确的描述出来。

2. 通常不能接双宾语,若语义需要,要用介词 to / for 来引出间接宾语:


正:Can you describe what you saw to [for] me?

正:Can you describe to [for] me what you saw?

误:Can you describe me what you saw?

3. “把…形容为 (说成是)…”,英语用describe…as…,在此结构中as之后可接名词、形容词或动名词等:

He described himself as a doctor. 他自称是医生。

He was described as (being) very clever. 据说他很聪明。