only 短语置于句首必须倒装吗

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only 短语置于句首必须倒装吗


Only in this way can we learn English. 只有这样才能学会英语。

Only then did I understand what she meant. 只有到那时我才明白她的意思。

Only when he is selfless can a man be fearless. 只有无私,才能无畏。

Only if a teacher has given permission is a student allowed to enter this room. 只有得到教师的允许,学生才可以进这间屋。

■ 若only后接的不是状语,而是主语或宾语,则通常无需倒装。如:

Only those who had booked in advance were allowed in. 只有那些预先订票的人可以进去。

Only part of his story is true. 他说的事只有部分是真的。

Only his sister he saw there. 他在那儿只看到他妹妹。