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also可用作no, nothing或其他带有否定意义的词之前;如果放在否定词之后,则不能用also。例如:

Also no other guest could make the egg stand on end. 同样, 其他客人也没有一个能把鸡蛋直立起来。

There was also no milk, cider, potatoes, or butter. 也没有牛奶、苹果酒、土豆和黄油。

Any organization or industry has its core values, the library also no exception. 任何一个组织或行业都有它的核心价值,图书馆也不例外。

The songs however, while not being bad, are also nothing special and her album is best described as mediocre. 然而, 这些歌虽然唱得不差,但同样还是毫无特色可言,平庸是对这张专辑最恰如其分的形容。


注意这个否定结构:not also 通常用于修饰疑问句或反意疑问句,间或用于陈述句。如:

Do you not also see it in my face -- the love that makes me happy? 你不也在我的脸上看到了使我感到幸福的爱吗?