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surprising 作定语与 surprise 作定语有何区别

一、surprising 作定语

surprising 作定语时,意思是“令人吃惊的”“惊人的”,强调让人吃惊。如:

He reacted with surprising speed. 他以惊人的速度作出了反应。

That child shows a surprising understanding of adult behaviour. 那个孩子对成年人行为表现出惊人的理解。

I heard a gasp from the crowd when the speaker made the surprising announcement. 我听到发言人宣布这条令人吃惊的消息时,人群倒吸了一口气。


二、surprise 作定语

surprise 作定语时,意思是“突然的”“令人意外的”,强调让人意想不到。如:

The office gave the boss a surprise party. 办公室职员们为老板安排了一次惊喜聚会。

Then the prosecution wheeled in a surprise witness. 然后原告请出了一位意想不到的目击证人。

Naomi paid a surprise visit to her old school in London. 娜奥米实然访问了她在伦敦的母校。

My friend remembered my birthday by giving me a surprise party. 为庆祝生日,我朋友为我举办了意想不到的生日晚会。

Little did the class realize the teacher planned a surprise test. 全班同学丝毫没有意识到老师安排了一场突袭测试。