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worthy 用法探究

目前对 worthy of 后接何种形式有三种看法:

第一种看法:worthy of只能接动名词的主动形式;不能接动名词的被动形式

1. 许孟雄著《英语难题解答400则》(北京师范大学出版社1992年5月第1版)p267:

问:[398] This book is worthy of reading. 听一位外籍老师(Richard Vick, 美国)讲,这是正确的句子,并且比This book is worth reading. 要正式的多。我在查《新英汉词典》(1107页),见reading可作名词用,有查Webster’s New World Dictionary of American Language (Second College Edition 1642页),见worthy的一条释义:Having enough worth or merit (for someone or something specified), 所以,我便认为外籍教师讲的对。因此,我为一家杂志撰稿区别worth, worthy及 worthwhile时,便采用了This book is worthy of reading .一句。但是,有的读者认为,这是一个错句,因为在钱歌川编著《英文疑难详解》中讲,worthy of后面接动名词时,必须是passive 的gerund,应改为…of being read。

现在我不明白This book is worthy of reading. 究竟是否正确?如果不正确,为…of后面+名词(如praise, consideration等)可以,而reading 之类的名词不可以?再,在Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (1272页)中见到 worth 和 worthy 均有 deserving 的释义,那么,为什么worth 后可直接跟v-ing形式,而 worthy of 后面在接 gerund 时,必须是 passive 的 gerund?

答:据我所知,worthy of reading 或worth reading 都对,但现代多数人常用worth reading,至于worthy of being read我却未曾见过,不便提出意见。

2. 杨发河著《英语形容词句型活用指南》(江西高校出版社1992年12月第1版)p203:

He is worthy of taking his position.

This is worthy of mentioning.

3. 黄勇民编著《现代英语惯用法词典》(复旦大学出版社2006年6月第1版)p1045:

The other party is worthy of doing business with.

4. 王文昌主编《英语搭配大词典》(江苏教育出版社2004年11月第2版)p2539:

It is a thing worthy of seeing. 这件事值得一看。

5. R A Close 编著A reference grammar for students of English (Eighth impression 1985) p165:

WORTHY of having

第二种看法:worthy of只能接动名词的被动形式,不能接动名词的主动形式

1. 陈敦金编著《英美语惯用法词典》(福建教育出版社1998年4月第2版)p1398:worthy是形容词,后随 of-短语或不定式。句子的主语是名词或人称代词又是限定动词的逻辑宾语时,非限定动词须用被动式。如:

He is worthy of being praised.

2. 江希和编著《当代英美语惯用法词典》(上海外语教育出版社2001年2月第1版) p750:

not worthy of being chosen

3. 葛传槼编著《英语惯用法词典》(上海译文出版社2002年6月第1版)p683:

This is worthy of being done. 注意:of being done不可改为of doing。

4. 葛传槼编著《简明英语惯用法》 (上海译文出版社1993年8月第1版)p365:

误:The book is worthy of reading.

正:The book is worthy of being read.

5. 赵振才编著《英语常见问题解答大词典》(增订版)(世界图书出版西安公司 2005年3月第1版)p1662:

worthy of 之后的动名词必须采用被动形式:

Their deeds are worthy of being mentioned.

These old churches are worthy of being visited.

It is worthy of being remembered.

6. 胡孝申主编《英语形容词用法词典》(武汉大学出版社 2005年6月第1版)p643:

The book is of being published.

7. 庄志兴编著《中学英语惯用法手册》(复旦大学出版社2000年1月第1版)p556:

The book is worthy of being read.

8. 吕志士主编《英语惯用法大词典》(中国科学技术出版社 1994年12月第1版)p2055:

He is worthy of being praised.

The question is worthy of being discussed.

第三种看法:worthy of既能接动名词的被动形式;又能接动名词的主动形式

1. 姚林生编著《大学英语词汇及惯用法》(上海辞书出版社2004年7 月第1版)p834:

worthy of后面偶尔可接动名词,该接动名词不一定要用被动语态形式,如:It is a thing worthy of seeing. / He is worthy of filling the post.

2. 李在铭著《现代英语惯用法词典》(现代出版社1995年5月第1版)p828:

worthy of 后面所接的 verb-ing 不一定要用被动语态形式,例如:

He is worthy of filling the post.

3. 王希山编著《英语形容词搭配结构词典》(上海译文出版社2004年4月第1版)p752:

This book is worthy of publishing.

Their deeds are worthy of being mentioned.

4. 井上义昌编著《英美语惯用法辞典》(湖南师范大学出版社1991年5月第1版) p1562-1563和刘旭宝主编《英美语惯用法实用词典》(西南交通大学出版社1993年5月第1版)p1378:

There occurred nothing worthy of being mentioned.

He is worthy of filling the post.

It is worthy of being remembered.

笔者赞同第三种看法,即worthy of既能接动名词的被动形式;又能接动名词的主动形式。笔者不盲从权威,支持一方否定另一方,而是基于英美语中的真实例证,利用唯物主义的“一切从实际出发”的观点分析问题、解决问题的。请看例证:

1. BNC(英国国家语料库http://www.natcorp.ox.ac.uk) 至少有3例包含be worthy of接动名词的主动形式的例句:

(1) AJ3 54 CRITICAL eyes will be focusing on Arazi at Saint-Cloud today when the French-trained colt will be out to prove he is still worthy of holding favouritism for the premier Classics on both sides of the Atlantic.

(2) AK4 1164 He is worthy of holding office.';

(3) ACY 158 My choice here would include G. ;Leonore; (lemon yellow), G.;Sabu'; (red) and G.; White City; (white) but all are worthy of planting.

至少有14例包含be worthy of接动名词的被动形式的例句:

(1) AR5 1290 It is an unwritten agreement and if we renege on it, let us not be surprised if our dog loses his respect for us, for we are not worthy of being called Master.

(2) B21 1230 I am worthy of being loved.

(3) ED7 1261 Yet despite what seem to be his `;monstrous'; characteristics the father himself is a person who loves and is worthy of being loved.


2. BYU: THE OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY(http://corpus.byu/oed/) 至少有1例包含be worthy of接动名词的主动形式的例句:

1912 In those days a theatrical star was obliged to work his way up to the rungs of the legitimate ladder until he was found worthy of ranking in stellardom...

至少有2例包含be worthy of接动名词的主动形式的例句:

1802 There is an accentuation of this word upon the second syllable, chiefly confined to the vulgar, which, from its agreeableness to analogy, is well worthy of being adopted by the learned...

1959 …this bibliography is worthy of being placed permanently on the shelf of any statistician.

3. TIME corpus of American English (1923-present) (http://corpus.byu.edu/time) 至少有10例包含be worthy of接动名词的主动形式的例句:

(1) 1957-04-29  It captures the spirit of Charles M. Russell, and is worthy of representing him to posterity.

(2) 1975-03-17  Anyone who is worthy of having read an economics book knows that our problem is…

(3) 2005-10-16  A trend that's equally worthy of celebrating is the democratization of the documentary,…


至少有12例包含be worthy of接动名词的被动形式的例句:

(1) 1923-10-01 Only a noble idea is worthy of being interpreted in that awe-inspiring-spot.

(2) 1943-03-01 …and it is his considered opinion that none was " worthy of being put in the same species, …

(3) 2002-10-21  I would say that such a God is not worthy of being worshipped.

4. BUY CORPUS OF AMERICAN ENGLISH (1990-2008) (Mark Davies, Brigham Young University) http://www.americancorpus.org/:

至少有32 例包含be worthy of接动名词的主动形式的例句:

1992 But I do think it is something that certainly would be worthy of including in a membership survey.

1996 Any one of her drawings is worthy of winning the prize.

1995 To him, nobody else was worthy of sharing his presence.

2007 She's not worthy of talking and, you know, you asked me the question.


至少有27例包含be worthy of接动名词的被动形式的例句:

1990 But I don't think that fixing parking tickets is worthy of being expelled from Congress.

2005 … ,I inquired whether any of them had anything to say that was worthy of being reported in the next day's paper.

2008  Brazil is now worthy of being called a BRIC, " says Riordan Roett, a Brazil expert …


以上大量例证充分证明了worthy of 既能接动名词的主动形式,又能接动名词的被动形式。